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LLL Chair

LLL Chair

LLL is a technical and comfortable seat but also a sculptural presence. these curved lines are both soft and tight.
It was designed with a minimum of parts, using an optimized manufacturing process and made in France.
Produced in plywood, it is particularly robust.
The LLL chair has been design and create to last over time, the materials but also the stylistic personality will survive the years to outfit our interiors.

3 plywood shells from the same mold but milled with 3 specific designs were used to composed the chair : a seat, a right leg and a left leg. These elements are made in Vendée with French wood. Wooden balls produced in the french Jura replace the usual spacers.
LLL chair is a balancing game, it is actually a construction with curved features.

The LLL chair is inspired by the simplicity and rationality of the N°14 chair from 1859 designed by the industrial cabinetmaker Michael Thonet. N°14 chair was designed in wood bending, and it had the particularity of being delivered as a kit and it was possible to compact 36 chairs in 1m3.

The LLL seat can be delivered assembled or self-assembly kit, it is very compact if delivered as a kit.
1m3 represents 55 LLL chairs.
Objet Optimisé thinks about the life cycle of objects.
All of our objets are repairable : In case of damages or breaking parts, we can provide you only the part to be replaced.

« LLL » is optimized production process
« LLL » is repairable
« LLL » is made in France
« LLL » = 55 chairs in 1m3 for shipping

LLL Chair495.00 €
LLL Chair x2890.00 €