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i shelf

i shelf

"I" is minimal

Nowadays, there is a lot of pieces of furniture whose usages and forms are fixed and prefigured. However, our lifestyles are nomadic and in constant evolution.

"I" is a system that can change and progress over time, easy to reconfigure, ideally adapted to new spaces. From small to large !

« i » is an innovative solution for architects and interior designers, to design spaces, both for individual homes and for professional offices.

"I" = 0 nails, 0 screws, 0 tools
"I" = infinite assembly and disassembly
"I" = 0 instruction manual
"I" is made in France

Design by @aurelien_veyrat
Pictures credit : @studio.b.helle

i10700.00 €
i201400.00 €
i302100.00 €
i402800.00 €