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LRDN Chair

LRDN Chair

LRDN is a construction system design by Jérôme Aich and Aurélien Veyrat for custom-made and self-assembly furniture or interior design.
4 pieces of metal (Y,L,V and I) are designed in order to meet the different needs of a 3D construction. So the assembly of parts can be used for flat surfaces or in 3D with standard wood battens (painted or unpainted, section 27 x 27 mm or 45 x 45 mm).
They are delivered flat and then easily manually shaped. A saw and a screwdriver are enough to start the construction of any structure : chair, table, bench, shelf, bed... according to your needs and your wishes.
Removable and reusable, they allow you to adapt a piece of furniture, to adjust a shelf or extend a table... LRDN is an endless construction system, easy as child's play.

The archetype of objects : the chair.
The chair is sold assembled. Nonvarnished wood.

LRDN chair - Pale green250.00 €
LRDN chair - Green250.00 €
LRDN chair - Blue250.00 €
LRDN chair - Orange250.00 €
LRDN chair - Grey250.00 €
LRDN chair - White250.00 €